What Is Standing in the Gaap for African Americans?

What Is Standing in the Gaap?

Standing in the Gaap is an initiative created to help bridge the gaps in care for African Americans living with multiple myeloma.

The essence of the phrase “Standing in the Gaap” is: I am there for you, I have your back, I will provide the bridge to help you achieve your goals.

Celgene Corporation, a Bristol Myers Squibb company, has created the “Standing in the Gaap for African Americans with Multiple Myeloma” initiative to help spread the word about how multiple myeloma affects African Americans differently, in order to improve the quality of the care they receive.

Since 2016, the Standing in the Gaap initiative has expanded to include live educational events for patients and healthcare providers, as well as a thriving Facebook community > of over 61,000 members, and growing.

Stand in the Gaap for African Americans with multiple myeloma

Multiple myeloma is the second most common form of blood cancer in the United States, and the most common blood cancer among African Americans, yet it is still relatively rare.

It affected about 90,000 Americans, including about 18,000 African Americans, in 2012.

The good news is that some studies suggest that compared to white Americans, African Americans tend to have less aggressive forms of multiple myeloma and may have a better prognosis. This means that when African Americans get appropriate care, they may be able to live longer than white Americans with the disease. However, data suggest that African Americans with multiple myeloma are less likely to have access to the same care.

Download the Standing in the Gaap brochure to learn more about multiple myeloma and how the disease could affect African Americans differently.
Download the Standing in the Gaap brochure