Myeloma Crowd

Myeloma Crowd is a patient-led organization and site created to help other myeloma patients navigate their care. Myeloma Crowd is the first all-inclusive site that features the good work being done in the world of myeloma by patient advocates, support groups, clinicians, myeloma researchers and myeloma foundations.

On the site, patients can:

  • Understand the basics of myeloma in easy-to-understand language including the stages of myeloma, types of myeloma and necessary diagnostic tests
  • Learn about the latest multiple myeloma news and research with links to the very best myeloma news sources
  • Find a multiple myeloma specialist in the very first online doctor directory
  • Take note of important myeloma events including educational events, support group meetings and major fundraisers
  • Learn about new multiple myeloma clinical trials currently running
  • Join the Facebook groups: There are general patient and family/caregiver groups and individual groups for each major genetic type of myeloma
  • Be part of the solution by contributing in a host of ways to help accelerate a cure

The Myeloma Crowd believes that patients can help accelerate a cure for multiple myeloma by coming together with the research community to find and fund the best research proposals for high-risk myeloma. The goal of the Myeloma Crowd Research Initiative is to find new solutions for high-risk patients who have aggressive genetic features or have aggressive relapsed/refractory myeloma. Myeloma Crowd is a division of the CrowdCare Foundation, founded by Jenny Ahlstrom, a multiple myeloma survivor.

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Information about this independent organization is provided as an additional resource for obtaining information related to multiple myeloma. It does not indicate endorsement by Celgene Corporation of an organization or its communications. 

Your healthcare team is your best source of information.

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