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Getting Appropriate Treatment

An adult African American female laying down in a hospital bed and smiling at her doctor who has his hand placed on her shoulder

Thanks to medical advances, people with multiple myeloma are living longer than ever before. But African Americans may have made less progress than other races. This might be because African Americans may not have had the same access to treatments.

Combinations of treatment

Normally, multiple myeloma is treated with more than one medicine at the same time. According to a 2020 analysis, African Americans were less likely to get certain combination treatments.

Stem cell transplant

For many people with multiple myeloma, a stem cell transplant is an important part of treatment. Stem cell transplants are known as a standard of care in multiple myeloma. According to one study, African Americans were 37% less likely to have a stem cell transplant vs White Americans.

It’s important to know that when treated for multiple myeloma, African Americans do just as well as, and sometimes even better than, White Americans. Talk to your doctor about how you can get the best treatment for you.

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