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Standing in the Gaap Brochure

Standing in the Gaap Brochure

Download the Standing in the Gaap brochure to learn more about multiple myeloma and how the disease could affect African Americans differently.

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Standing in the Gaap Educational Video for the General Community

This video addresses the need to spread knowledge about multiple myeloma in the African American community and create a broader commitment to equal care.

Standing in the Gaap Educational Video for Patients and Caregivers

This video provides an overview of multiple myeloma, the barriers to equal care for African Americans, and what to do to feel confident in the treatment plan.

Online resources

The internet is a great tool, but it can be overwhelming. When it comes to finding information about things like cancer, be sure to visit trusted websites like the ones listed below.

Information about these independent organizations is provided as an additional resource for obtaining information related to multiple myeloma. It does not indicate endorsement by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company of an organization or its communications.

All product names, logos, trademarks, and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Your healthcare team is your best source of information.

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Affording Multiple Myeloma Care

Explore resources to help you pay for treatment and other free services.

Glossary of Multiple Myeloma Terms

Learn about all the different terms to help you better understand multiple myeloma.

Multiple Myeloma in African Americans

Find out what’s different about multiple myeloma in African Americans.


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