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Multiple Myeloma in African Americans

Two adult African American males and one adult African American female patients living with multiple myeloma

Even though multiple myeloma can affect any race, it’s different for African Americans in a few important ways:

It’s more common

Multiple myeloma is considered a rare cancer, yet African Americans are more than twice as likely to be diagnosed vs White Americans. The reason for this is not completely understood.

It’s usually diagnosed at a younger age

On average, African Americans are diagnosed at the age of 66, but it’s possible to be diagnosed at an even younger age. In people under the age of 50, multiple myeloma is 3x more common in African Americans compared to White Americans.

It might be less aggressive

Some studies suggest that the type of multiple myeloma that affects African Americans tends to be less aggressive with a better prognosis. However, it’s still important to seek appropriate care.

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