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CAR T Cell Therapy Overview

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If you’ve tried other kinds of treatment that didn’t work, or have stopped working, CAR T cell therapy might be appropriate for you.

Learn more about a CAR T cell therapy option for multiple myeloma here >

CAR T cell therapy is a multistep process

CAR T cell therapy may be considered after other treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation, stem cell or bone marrow transplant, or other treatments for multiple myeloma. If you and your doctor decide CAR T cell therapy is appropriate for you, here is some information about what you may be able to expect:

Your T cells are collected

Your blood is collected, the T cells are removed, and the rest of your blood is returned to your body. This process may be called either apheresis or leukapheresis. This process can take 2 to 6 hours.

Your T cells become CAR T cells

The collected T cells are sent to a lab where CARs are added. This is when the T cells become CAR T cells. Then your CAR T cells are multiplied until there are enough for your infusion. It may be several weeks before your CAR T cells are ready.

How CAR T cells are made

While your CAR T cells are being made, you may get other treatments for your multiple myeloma.

You will be prepared for the CAR T cells

A few days before getting the CAR T cells, you will be given a short course of chemotherapy. This will help prepare your body for treatment and make room for the new CAR T cells.

You will be given the CAR T cells

The CAR T cells will be infused into your body.

You will be monitored for side effects

After the infusion, you will be closely monitored for several weeks for possible side effects. There is a possibility that you could experience severe side effects that require treatment or hospitalization, or that may even cause death. Time at the treatment center will depend on your risk of side effects. You will need to stay near the CAR T cell therapy treatment center for at least 4 weeks after the infusion.

You will get continued follow-up care

You may be able to return to your regular healthcare team. You will continue to be monitored. Doctors will measure how well the CAR T cell therapy is working, and watch for possible side effects.

Some of the steps for CAR T cell therapy may seem similar to the steps for stem cell transplant, but they are different types of treatment.

Resources to Learn More About CAR T Cell Therapy

For more information on CAR T cell therapy, visit www.explorecarttherapy.com

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