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Talking With Your Doctor About Multiple Myeloma

It’s important to be open and honest with your doctors and nurses. Always tell them how you’re feeling at every visit.

Questions to ask your doctor

We’ve created this guide to help you get the conversation started. You will find a list of questions to help you prepare for your doctor visits.

Print this discussion guide and bring it to your next appointment.

Download the discussion guide

Tips for visiting the doctor

It can be hard to remember all of the things your doctor tells you, especially if you’re feeling anxious or afraid. Even if your doctor carefully explains things, you may not hear or remember everything said during your visit.

Here are some ways to help you remember everything your doctor tells you:

  • It can be helpful to take notes during your doctor visits
  • Ask if you can record your talks
  • Take a family member or friend with you. They can help remind you of questions to ask and take notes for you
  • If you have questions between doctor visits, write them down as they come up. Keep a notebook to help you stay organized
  • Remember that other members of your healthcare team can help answer many of your questions

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your visits:

  • Bring a list of important information your doctor may need to know. This includes your other medical conditions, any new symptoms you may be experiencing, and any medications you are taking
  • Think about some of the questions your doctor may ask you during the visit, so you are prepared to answer. This can include questions about how well you’re staying on track with taking your treatment, any symptoms you may be experiencing, and questions about changes in your appetite and bodily functions

How much do you want to know?

Have you ever thought about how much information you want from your doctor? Some people feel more in control when they fully understand their disease, treatments, and what they can expect. Other people prefer small pieces of information and only want to know what’s necessary. They feel overwhelmed by medical details and would rather leave most decisions to the doctor. Don’t be afraid to tell your doctor how much or how little you want to learn.

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